BI Dashboard Formula Training (Sept. 18-19th)


BI Dashboard Formula Training

IT-Logix is very pleased to host one of Mico Yuk's popular on-site trainings right after our flagship-events BOAK 2014 and BOAK Post Conference Day 2014.


As in last year's training in September in Zurich, Mico will bring the updated version of the BI Dashboard Formula along.


Mico Yuk will once again take participant through the important process of planning their dashboards.  Not to be mistaken with a regular dashboarding technical training, this boot camp is focusing on the areas that ‘most’ developers neglect when building their dashboards. 


Participants are guaranteed to leave with a high level understanding of the three modules of the BI Dashboard Formula taught at this training. This knowledge is required to make any dashboard successful!



Step 1: Planning – The Most Important by Overlooked Step

You will learn how to

  • Ask the RIGHT questions to the RIGHT people
  • Identify the real UNDERLYING business problems and goals
  • Extract the three most important KPI’s for your dashboard
  • Gain Executive/Sponsor buy in from the start
  • Identify gaps in resources, sponsorship or business understanding even before the project start



Step 2: Scoping – The Art of Gather Requirements

You will learn how to:

  • Ask the RIGHT questions
  • Identify a KPI vs metric and why it’s important
  • Use proven techniques to work with DIFFICULT business users
  • Work with different types of audiences (Execs vs Operators)
  • Avoid the dreaded OUTLOOK scope creep trap!
  • Use our SECRET database of industry KPI’s to work with business users who have no idea what they want
  • Conduct PRODUCTIVE scoping sessions
  • Tap into your inner ‘data scientist’ to uncover the most valuable KPIs
  • Transform the way you engage with your business users and become the business favorite



Step 3: Prototyping – Developing the ‘Perfect’ Dashboard

You will learn how to:

  • Think and design mobile first
  • Apply simple design tips & tricks to enhance any dashboard
  • Strategically nail down the layout and functionality before adding color
  • Avoid the business users COLOR CHANGE loop nightmare
  • Think like an app designer. KISS (Keep is Simple Superstar)
  • Start from one of our simple template layouts to speed up the development process
  • Use the company branding guidelines to avoid the color trap
  • Effectively use RAG colors (Red, Amber, Green)
  • Follow a proven process to build effective data visualizations in any tool
  • Use this step to socialize your BI project to the Business


Here is what other attendees and trainees had to say about her training:


"A great 'how-to' dashboard methodology! - Beyond academic theory, I have witnessed firsthand how Mico’s dashboard methodology is a driving factor for successful design & implementations of complex dashboards. This is a must have for your dashboard journey"

~ Mark E. Bradley, HP Software 
Senior Software Technical Product Manager for Strategic Analytics



"I've witnessed Mico deliver her presentation on dashboard methodology across the globe, and can say first hand that it is the best no BS presentation on how to develop visual dashboards I've ever seen. I've also had the pleasure of working with her 1-1 at my company and we have dashboards that we worked on 5 years ago together using these methods that are still in use today. The fact that you can now access her proven dashboard methodology virtually, is a must attend if you are seeking to truly understand where to start in your dashboard development journey. You won't be disappointed!"

~ Gabe Orthous, McKesson
Sr. Business Intelligence Technical Lead