WhereScape Testdrive on Snowflake (free Online-Training)

Demanding business users formulate new or frequently changing requirements for an existing or emerging datawarehouse (DWH). In both cases, DWH automation offers significant advantages compared to manual DWH buildup, maintenance and enhancements.

Do you find time to tame the ever growing datapools of your company, whilst still struggling to fulfill yesterday’s tasks? With WhereScape Data Warehouse Automation combined with Snowflake's ingenious SaaS Datawarehouse, you will tackle the challenges of your company's thirst for accurate information. Experience yourself hands-on, how you will save time, cost and reduce risk on your way from data to well-informed decision.

During this hands-on lab, you will build up yourself a fully functional, analytical data mart from scratch - in very little time.

A modern Cloud-SaaS-datawarehouse that can scale into petabytes of data without compromising performance - paired with one of the leading warehouse automation tools. Experience the development speed of a generator that creates your target architecture based on metadata and model templates that reduces implementation errors using predefined structures and patterns.

Hands-On: You will actually build a Datawarehouse in a few hours yourself - guided and assisted by experienced professionals. Then judge yourself.

This hands-on lab will give you:

  • An introduction into the basic architecture and "mechanics" of Snowflake
  • An introduction into WhereScape
  • Hands-on experience in the discovery of data sources and creation of the target model
  • Running jobs for the data ingestion

Important logistics information:

Due to COVID-19 uncertainties, this training will be conducted as an online-training. We will pass on information about prerequisites (what online-meeting-tool we will use, how you'll get access to training environment etc.) as soon as possible.

Rough timetable:

  • 08.30 Introduction
    • Importance of Agility in BI / Analytics
    • Why Data Warehouse Automation: About WhereScape (a managerial overview)
    • Introduction about Snowflake
    • Short wrap-up / Q&A
  • 10.15 Short Coffee-Break / Infrastructure-Check: Does everybody have all the necessary access-information / Trouble-Shooting 
  • 10.30 WhereScape Data Warehouse Automation: Join an expert for a technical deep dive (how to handle WhereScape 3D and RED in an as-it-is-meant-to-be way) 
  • 11.15 Data Warehouse Automation: Test Drive Session 1 (Hands-on part 1)
  • 12.00 Lunch-Break (Individual, Offline)
  • 13.30 Back to class
  • 13.35 Data Warehouse Automation: Test Drive Session 2 (Hands-on part 2)
  • 14.30 Review / Q&A 
  • 15.00 Official End of Session, if needed: Individual support and Q&A til 16.00
  • 16.00 End of Training
Datum: 01.07.2020Ort: Online-TrainingZeit: 08.45 - 16.00

Free admission

Datum: 01.07.2020Ort: Online-TrainingZeit: 08.45 - 16.00

Free admission

Raphael Branger

Raphael Branger

Principal Consultant Data & Analytics


Dominik Leu

Senior Consultant Data & Analytics


Adrian Heim

Regional Director Snowflake


Frederik Naessens

Director Enterprise Solutions WhereScape EMEA