IBCS Annual Conference 2024

Here’s What We’re Focusing On:

  • Practicality: We’re not just about theories; we’re about actionable insights. Expect sessions that offer real-world applications of IBCS principles, giving you tools and knowledge you can apply directly to your work.
  • Current Trends: From the latest in data visualization techniques to advancements in reporting standards, we’re making sure to cover the topics that matter most to the IBCS community right now.
  • Interactive Engagement: It’s all about conversation. We’re planning formats that encourage interaction, from Q&A sessions to workshops that let you dive deep into subjects.
Datum: 14.06.2024Ort: Milan, ItalyZeit: 09:00
Datum: 14.06.2024Ort: Milan, ItalyZeit: 09:00